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Here you can find the Call for Papers of the Conference: Mapping Situational Analysis – An International Conference.

Submissions until 15.05.2024 with subject “Mapping Situational Analysis Nov” to: 

Mapping Situational Analysis – An International Conference

November 13th – 15th at the Center for Social World Research and Method Development (Zentrum für Sozialweltforschung und Methodenentwicklung, ZSM), Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg, Germany

As a research program, Situational Analysis according to Adele Clarke (2005) allows researchers to grasp empirical complexity analytically. Based on pragmatist-interactionist and feminist roots, Situational Analysis develops theoretical references to post-structuralist approaches. 

Methodologically, Situational Analysis turns away from the analytical focus on basic social processes as established by the Grounded Theory Methodology. Instead, it centralizes the situation of inquiry as “contextual whole” (Dewey 1938). The turn towards the situation allows for the consideration of social worlds and arenas, human and non-human elements as well as of discourses. Situational Analysis does so methodically by proposing three kinds of maps which analytically focus on power structures, injustices and silences: all of which are considered co-constitutional of situations.

The possible applications of Situational Analysis are diverse and so are the research communities that work with it. The aim of the three-day conference is to gather a large variety of researchers from diverse academic disciplines for exchange and networking, joint learning as well as to further establish Situational Analysis in academia.

Like the actors on a map, we would like to connect actors working with Situational Analysis, trace their linkages and make the elements that co-constitute their work visible in order to establish moments that enable new connections, relations and ideas.

With the conference, we invite all researchers working with or who are interested in Situational Analysis. Together, we want to explore and discuss the current possibilities and limitations of empirical inquiry with Situational Analysis.

The conference will be composed of oral presentations, panels, and research workshops. It will be hosted by the Center for Social World Research and Method Development (Zentrum für Sozialweltforschung und Methodenentwicklung, ZSM) at the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg, Germany (approx. 1 ½ hours by train from Berlin airport). It is organized by the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Situationsanalyse (Situational Analysis working group Germany).

We welcome contributions in the following formats:

    1. Poster abstracts and abstracts for short oral presentations (5min)
    2. Abstracts for oral presentations (20min)
    3. Work-in-progress abstract for joint analysis session (45min)
    4. Panel abstracts (90min with up to 3 presentations and panel discussion)
    5. Experimental design abstracts (in form of arts-based presentations, e.g. poems, Songs, images)

We cordially invite contributions with the following, but not limited to, thematic foci:

1. Doing Situational Analysis

  • Research findings of your (collaborative) Situational Analysis research project
  • Experiences of doing inquiry with Situational Analysis (e.g. mapping, memoing, writing, inductive and iterative inquiry)

2. Theoretical and methodological reflections

  • Theoretical reflections on the particularities of Situational Analysis
  • Establishing and situating Situational Analysis in its own field of research and its applicability as a methodology

3. Experimental contributions

  • Interactive ideas and ‘out-of-the-box' formats - there are no limits to your creativity

Please submit your abstract of 300 to 500 words to by May 15th 2024 with subject “Mapping Situational Analysis Nov”. Make sure to also include the format and your theoretical focus. We accept abstracts in English and in German. Please let us also know if you have particular accessibility needs.

If you have any questions about the content of the submissions and the call, please contact:

If you have any questions concerning the organization, please contact: .

We are looking forward to your submissions! Save the date!

The organizing committee of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Situationsanalyse: Sonja Gaedicke (TH Köln), Rebekka Haubold (Leipzig University), Anna-Lisa Klages (TH Ingolstadt), Christian Rhein (Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media), Tamara Schwertel (University of Cologne) and Olaf Tietje (LMU Munich), and jointly with the

Center for Social World Research and Method Development (Zentrum für Sozialweltforschung und Methodenentwicklung, ZSM)  under the operational lead from Maria Kondratjuk, Tim Flügge, Maik Pecenka (University of Magdeburg).


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